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Artificial grass as roofing

Artificial grass as roofing

Green roofs in general – and artificial grass green roofs in particular – are becoming increasingly popular. Governments and interest groups encourage the use of green roofs, while artificial grass is highly favored for its functionality and ease of use. Royal Grass® regularly receives inquiries from customers interested in using artificial grass as roofing material. Can artificial grass be installed on a pitched roof? Is it safe? What exactly is the difference between a roof with artificial grass and a sedum green roof? This blog answers the most frequently asked questions

Artificial grass or sedum?

Artificial grass does not possess the same ecological properties as sedum. For instance, artificial grass does not capture fine dust particles like natural roofing materials do. However, this does not mean that an artificial grass green roof is not environmentally beneficial. Similar to sedum, artificial grass roofing temporarily stores excess rainwater. Subsequently, the rainwater can gradually drain away or evaporate, thus preventing overloading of the sewer system. An artificial grass green roof can retain between 30 and 200 liters of water. Moreover, due to its cushioning nature, artificial grass reduces noise pollution.

The major advantage of artificial grass compared to sedum is its ease of use. Artificial grass does not require a growing medium, making it significantly lighter than a natural green roof. Additionally, artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and can withstand intensive use.

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How is artificial grass attached to a roof?

Covering a flat roof with artificial grass is relatively straightforward and similar to laying artificial grass on other even surfaces. However, installing artificial grass on a sloped roof is a different story. Because the artificial grass must not shift, it needs to be firmly attached. Generally, the artificial grass is adhered to the roofing felt. This is a specialized task that requires consideration of the type of adhesive and the material on the roof. An adhesive that damages the roofing felt can cause significant damage. Therefore, Royal Grass advises contacting an expert for attaching artificial grass on a sloped roof.

How about fire safety?

Artificial grass itself does not possess inherent characteristics that enhance fire safety. For instance, the plastic used in artificial grass fibers is not inherently fire-resistant. However, it is possible to make an artificial grass green roof more fire-resistant. This can be achieved by adding a special layer of infill sand. Additionally, this infill sand also helps in keeping the grass mat securely in place (on a flat roof).

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