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Explanation of the pile direction of artificial turf

Explanation of the pile direction of artificial turf

When installing artificial turf, you need to consider a laying direction. This instruction often raises additional questions, so we would like to provide further clarification. You can immediately see the correct laying direction when unrolling the grass. Many types of artificial turf have a distinct more attractive side and a less attractive side. This is something to consider when installing the artificial turf. Where you spend the most time, you should look for the more attractive side of the artificial turf.

Make sure to take this into account when ordering artificial turf. Seek advice to ensure a good choice! It is quite easy to order the correct size of rolls; you don’t need to have seen them beforehand. As a basis, consider the area from where you will be looking at the grass the most. This could be the living room or the terrace. Then, measure the width. This measurement is the basis for the rolls. The rolls of artificial turf are delivered in widths of 2 or 4 meters. If your lawn is 5.5 meters wide at this point, you will need a roll that is 4 meters wide and 2 meters wide. For the length, take the length of the lawn.

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