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Green walls: vertical gardens for green cities

Green walls: vertical gardens for green cities

Our cities are becoming increasingly densely populated, leaving little space for greenery. Many people lack gardens, and there’s also a scarcity of green spaces in public areas. This scarcity can have a negative impact on the well-being of the residents of these cities.

Fortunately, in recent years, more efforts have been made to reintroduce greenery into the urban landscape. Balconies and rooftop terraces are being avidly utilized. However, there are also various creative solutions that most people don’t immediately think of. Green walls are a prime example. Beautiful vertical lawns and gardens provide the necessary foliage in the streetscape without taking up much space.

What are green walls?

Many people associate a garden with grass and plants on the ground outdoors, but it’s entirely possible to have a garden against a wall. Green walls are walls where a vertical garden is installed. It’s different from a wall covered with climbing plants. Green walls have a substrate that supports the growth and allows plants to thrive. This also enables beautifully designed vertical gardens.

Artificial grass green walls

Artificial grass is an ideal product for green walls. One of the disadvantages of natural grasses and plants is their strong dependence on water and light, which can be problematic against a wall. However, artificial grass remains green in any environment, regardless of temperature and sunlight exposure. It requires little to no maintenance, especially when used as a green wall.

Green walls and health

As mentioned, green walls are an ideal way to provide much-needed greenery in urban environments, which is urgently necessary. Over the past decades, we, as Dutch citizens, have massively migrated to cities, with over eighty percent of the population now residing in urban areas. Unfortunately, there’s limited space for greenery in most cities, which can lead to physical and mental health issues. Various studies have shown the correlation between health and the amount of greenery in the surroundings. Therefore, green walls can make a positive contribution in this regard.

Green walls inside or outside

Artificial grass green walls are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A green wall can be installed on exterior walls on the street but also in office buildings, hotel lobbies, or shopping centers, for instance. Another advantage of an artificial grass green wall is its sound-absorbing properties.

Costs of green walls

An artificial grass green wall is a low-maintenance solution, resulting in minimal ongoing costs once installed. This makes it ideal, for instance, for public spaces.

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