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Thoroughly cleaning artificial grass

Thoroughly cleaning artificial grass

Artificial grass is a very low-maintenance product and therefore requires minimal attention. However, it might be wise to have your artificial grass lawn thoroughly cleaned from time to time by a Royal Grass® dealer.

How often should artificial grass be cleaned?

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. It does not need to be mowed or watered to keep it in good condition. However, over the years, particles such as sand, dust, and leaves can accumulate among the fibers, causing the lawn to become dirty. Additionally, moss might start growing on the artificial grass. Therefore, it might be advisable to have the artificial grass thoroughly cleaned after a few years. The frequency of this cleaning depends on the specific circumstances.

Cleaning artificial grass yourself

You can maintain your artificial grass lawn in good condition by occasionally brushing it with a broom. It’s also advisable to remove pet waste and rinse the area with lukewarm water. This way, the artificial grass can last for many years.

However, a specialized maintenance session goes much further. Professional equipment is used to clean the artificial grass thoroughly. This process removes even the smallest dirt particles, restoring the original green color of the artificial grass lawn. A professional maintenance session can often be completed within one day and can be carried out by a Royal Grass® dealer.

Why have artificial grass cleaned?

  • Sand, dust, soil, leaves, twigs, etc. will be removed.
  • Moss will be removed.
  • Even the smallest dirt particles will be removed.
  • Artificial grass looks like new again.

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