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Why is my artificial turf static?

Why is my artificial turf static?

Artificial turf, like many other materials, can become static. Do you ever lie on your artificial turf lawn and notice that your clothing is attracted to the grass? Or do you even feel a slight shock? This is because the artificial turf is static. This has a natural cause and can be resolved in most cases.

Solution for static artificial grass

A static artificial turf lawn is at most annoying. In most cases, you may hardly notice it yourself. Sometimes, you may notice your hair standing on end or your shirt being attracted to the grass. Occasionally, you may even feel a slight shock. Static artificial turf can be particularly bothersome for people with hearing aids, for example. Fortunately, there are some options to eliminate static electricity.

When the artificial turf is statically charged, it is often sufficient to moisten it. Spraying the artificial turf lightly with water helps discharge the static electricity. Additionally, various antistatic products are available at DIY stores.

What is static electricity?

Static electricity is generated through friction between different objects or materials. Static charge can also be produced through the friction of dry air with other objects. Friction causes the object to become positively or negatively charged. This can also occur with artificial turf.

Artificial turf tends to become static, especially in warm weather, extremely cold weather, and when the air is very dry. Newly installed artificial turf is more prone to becoming static. Additionally, if there are metal objects such as a fence or balustrade near the artificial turf, it becomes more susceptible to static electricity. As the artificial turf remains in place for a longer period, it is less likely to become static.


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