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The technology behind Royal Grass

‘The most beautiful artificial grass of the highest quality,

that’s almost indistinguishable from natural grass’.


That is the goal of Royal Grass®.


Thanks to our technologies and the use of high-quality materials, we have developed artificial grass that not only mirrors the visual properties of natural grass but also incorporates the functional characteristics of real grass. Our artificial grass is not only soft and resilient but also nearly indistinguishable from real grass.

Our patented MiNT® technology provides a matte effect and each grass fiber ‘grows’ in a different direction thanks to our ReaDY® technology.

Continue reading to learn more about the advanced Royal Grass technologies and discover what makes our artificial grass so unique.

V-Shape | Royal Grass


– Resilience and durability since 2005


When you closely examine our artificial grass fibers, you will notice that each artificial grass fiber has a V-shape and a reinforcing backbone running along the length of the grass blade.

This patented technology ensures not only a natural appearance, but also provides more resilience. As a result, the grass remains upright and bouncy for a longer time and it allows it to easily spring back.

This way, you can enjoy a green lawn that won’t just lie flat for years to come.

MiNT® - Micro Nerve Technology

– For a matte effect 


When you examine artificial grass fibers with our MiNT® technology under a microscope, you’ll see small veins running along the length of each grass blade, similar to the veins you would find in real grass.

This advanced technology creates a matte effect that reduces the shine of our artificial grass, making it almost indistinguishable from real grass in terms of glossiness.

Furthermore, these veins contribute to an increased resilience of the artificial grass. As a result, the fibers easily bounce back, allowing you to enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn for an even longer period.


ReaDY® - Realistic Directional Yarn

– Natural appearance


Traditional artificial grass is often straight and points in one direction. Royal Grass products with our patented ReaDY® technology have a highly natural look because each artificial grass fiber points in a different direction.

During production, the artificial grass fibers with ReaDY® technology are slightly curled, creating a ‘natural growth direction’. By applying this technology, the artificial grass gains a more lifelike appearance, achieving a full, lush look similar to real grass.

SunTEC | Royal Grass®


– Sun-kissed grass


Royal Grass products with SunTEC®, just like a summer lawn, have sun-kissed grass blades here and there. This makes the artificial grass less perfect, but also perfectly suited for a summer garden.

One tall grass blade per grass tuft is sun-kissed brown, giving the lawn a natural summer appearance.


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