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V-Shape Technology

V-Shape technology

In 2005, we introduced the V-Shape technology. This technology not only mimicked the natural shape of grass but also elevated the quality of our products to a higher standard through numerous functional properties.

Our V-Shape technology, applied to the fiber structure of our artificial grass, marked a turning point within the artificial turf industry.

V-Shape | Royal Grass

Down to the finest detail, just like Mother Nature

‘Natural V-shape’


We’ve put the natural grass blade under a magnifying glass and studied it meticulously, down to the finest details.

We always strive for the best and the most beautiful: ‘Mother Nature.’

When you examine a natural grass blade up close, you’ll notice that its natural shape resembles a V-shape. Along the length of the grass blade, you can see a slightly thicker spine.

By replicating this feature, along with the V-shape, into our artificial grass fibers, we took our first step towards artificial turf that is nearly indistinguishable from natural grass.


Functional properties



The natural V-shape, combined with the reinforcing spine, also provides resilience, ensuring that the grass remains upright better and for longer periods.

If the lawn has flattened over time, you can easily revive it by brushing it with a stiff broom or brush machine. This resilience is not only due to the V-Shape but also to the selection of durable and high-quality materials, which make ‘Royal Grass’ truly royal.


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